Ready to break the cycle of Religious Trauma in your family?

Give your children the resources they need to thrive while supporting your own recovery after Religious Trauma.

Parenting After Religious Trauma

A Mini Course offered by the Religious Trauma Institute and Parenting Forward

  • Learn trauma-informed parenting skills
  • Support your religious trauma recovery process
  • Gain deeper insight into how Adverse Religious Experiences impact parenting
  • Navigate your religious and spiritual triggers
  • Break the cycle of Religious Trauma

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Here are a few of the Additional Resources we have planned for you:

  • Sensation Vocabulary (PDF) to help you and your kids expand your embodied awareness
  • Saying "No!" (PDF) a resource for teaching your kids how to set boundaries with peers and authority figures
  • The Religious Cycle of Abuse (PDF)
  • Working with Religious Trauma: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals [sample] (PDF) 
  • Embodied Boundaries exercise (video)
  • Parenting After Religious Trauma a four-part podcast miniseries with bonus materials (audio files)
  • Religious Trauma and the Nervous System a workshop (video)
  • And more!

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